Corporate Social Responsibility

Chanelle Group understands how much we owe to the community, so we do not take professional or ethical shortcuts.We act responsibly to our customers, our employees, their families, the environments we inhabit, and to the societies we serve worldwide.

We see Social Initiatives as an integral component of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our investments in the community have gone beyond the adhoc disbursement of funds and to planned programs in areas of healthcare, education, and environment.

We are constantly aware of our position in the community and continue to contribute to its prosperity through financial, charitable, and personal support. We are equally devoted to ensuring that our products, employees, facilities, and suppliers are following the commitments we have made to socially responsible business practices.

Types of Support:

  • Charitable events
  • Sponsorships
  • Donations
  • Participation in local groups
  • Schools Scholarship


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