Operational Excellence

Chanelle understand that our high quality products and services are a result of our commitment to continued growth and the development of new practices. To ensure best practice in all our manufacturing and processes, Chanelle launched a continuous Lean efficiency program.

As a company wide initiative, the staff at Chanelle entitled the lean program ‘Turoe’, an acronym for “Together United Reaching for Operational Excellence”. The word ‘Turoe’ comes from Turoe Stone, an Irish ancient monument that has withstood the elements of time for over two thousand years – a positive symbol for our united on-going journey towards operational excellence.

Turoe Stone

The ancient celtic Turoe Stone, located in Galway, Ireland.

The program consists of five key pillars:

  1. Lean
  2. Six Sigma
  3. Risk Management
  4. Design for excellence
  5. The learning organisation

Many of the staff at Chanelle have successfully being awarded yellow belt and green belt certification and have embraced Kaizen events and the 5S’s to increase efficiencies in key areas of our business including Production, Quality, Regulatory, Engineering, Planning and Sales.

The ‘Turoe’ initiative is now part of our culture in Chanelle where improvements and efficiencies are recognised and implemented on a regular basis.

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