Since our inception in 1985, Chanelle Group has strived to experience rapid organic growth throughout the entire company. Our existence truly represents a success story built on the adherence to the strong ethic principles and core values outlined by our vision. Chanelle Group has a long and fruitful history, evolving through numerous strategic marketing shifts, and achieving a top position among the industry leaders.

Our strategy is continuous improvement. We work closely with our customers to identify and improve products and services in order to maintain our high expectations and standards.


Chanelle Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Limited (CPML) was established in 1985 in pursuit of developing and manufacturing a range of quality veterinary products that were no longer under patent. CPML is a licensed manufacturer of veterinary pharmaceutical products and conforms to standards set by the European Community.

Following the success of Chanelle Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Ltd, in 1992 Chanelle Animal Health UK was set up to market veterinary pharmaceuticals to the UK market. In 2000, Chanelle diversified into human generic pharmaceuticals and established Chanelle Medical where the company provides contract manufacturing and packaging to the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

In 2007, Chanelle Vet UK was set up to serve the veterinary practices in the UK with small animal pharmaceuticals. Following a surge in the company’s product portfolio, in 2008, an R&D facility was established in Jordon to bolster the existing 3 R&D facilities in Ireland.

2013 marked the company’s 30 years in business. Today, Chanelle’s products are found in over 80 countries across 4 continents and the company serves 8 of the top 10 multinationals. The company is headquartered in Galway, Ireland.


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