Chanelle Launches Lowest Dose Pentobarbital Injection – Euthoxin 500 mg/ml

web-version-euthoxinChanelle Veterinary are the first company to launch a Pentobarbital 500 mg/ml Injection in Ireland for use on a wide range of species including large and companion animals.

Euthoxin 500 mg/ml is a stronger dose than any other pentobarbital injection products currently on the Irish and UK markets which means less volume per dose and a better return for veterinary surgeons.

Michael Holohan, Veterinary Sales Manager

Euthoxin 500 mg/ml is a tried and tested reliable barbiturate which will provide veterinary surgeons with a safe and efficient mode of euthanasia for a wide spectrum of species.  Euthoxin also contains a pink dye – something which was missing from our previous product Release and which vets really want in a euthanasia product.”

Euthoxin 50 mg/ml is now available from Chanelle Veterinary in vials of 100 ml.