Contract Manufacturing

Chanelle Medical collaborates with numerous large multinational pharmaceuticals, as well as produces generic companies in the area of Contract Manufacturing and Packaging. Hence, they possess a vast experience in Tech Transfer and Product Launch. With our exposure to the Generic Industry we have a huge appreciation for Cost Competitiveness. We are continually being innovative in finding ways to increase the value for our customers.

In addition, Chanelle Medical offers contract manufacturing of solid dosage forms, packaged liquids, and powders. They are stored, batch released, and then distributed to five continents worldwide. Quantities range from lab scale to pilot plant stage through to commercial production.

We also have the ability to handle controlled drugs.

All of our manufacturing equipment is in environmentally controlled areas and includes:

· Granulation
· Drying
· Compression
· Encapsulation
· Tablet Coating (film coated, enteric coated, sugar coated)
· Printing
· Liquid mixing in Atex suite
· Separate development scale equipment matching the above.


We offer a wide choice of packaging options for all solid dose, liquid, and powder forms. Our equipment is carefully chosen. We can provide an efficient, fast, and cost effective packaging solution whatever the size of the batch.

We operate at a cGMP temperature controlled warehouse.

We understand that choosing the right packaging service partner is critical for a timely delivery. Our on-site design team offers a wide range of format, ensuring optimal efficiency on line.

Our blister packaging equipment allows us to produce presentations with PVC PVC/PVDC, Aclar, and cold form Alu/Alu.

Our automated packaging lines incorporate GMP security/control devices, e.g. pharmacy codes, thereby ensuring that the correct components are present in each pack. Similarly, by employing 100% check weighing the correct quantity per pack is assured. All of our packaging lines are in environmentally controlled areas. We handle the following applications; Bollini (Italy), Vignette (France), Sequential Bar Coding (Belgium) and Data Matrix.

Our packaging equipment includes:

· 6 fully integrated blister packing lines.
· 1 automatic sachet filling line
· 1 tablet counter bottle filling line

Chanelle Medical has benefited from sustained investment, which has created an efficient and advanced manufacturing and packaging operation. We are continuing to expand and enhance our facilities with an ongoing investment program.

For more information with regards to Contract Manufacturing or Packaging, please contact Mrs. Chanelle McCoy, Director of Medical Business, , Tel: +44 (0) 78877 55558.

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