Contract Manufacturing

Chanelle Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Ltd. (CPML) is a business unit of Chanelle that specialises in manufacturing high quality, competitively priced generic pharmaceutical products and services.

Our European registration dossiers boasts an extensive range of animal health medicines in:

Operating from a world-class manufacturing environment, Chanelle has ample capacity to meet your contract manufacturing requirements. From our 24 hour shift manufacturing, skilled work force and latest technology, our manufacturing process is optimized to meet high volume production requirements.

Production in numbers

Tablets 3 Billion / Year
Coating 1.6 Billion / Year
Capsules 1.6 Billion / Year
Aqueous 2 Million Litres / Year
Organic Liquids 0.5 Million Litres / Year
Powders & Granules 50 T / Year

Our specialised manufacturing processes are supported by the following manufacturing equipment:

Tablet Coating (film coated, enteric coated, sugar coated)
Liquid mixing in Atex suite
Separate development scale equipment matching the above


Our diverse range of packaging solutions accommodates various dosage forms including solid dose, liquid and powder. Our equipment is optimised to meet high volume requirements in the fastest possible time.

Packaging in numbers

Containers 10 Million / Year
Blister Packing 300 Million Blisters / Year
Strip Packing 13 Million Strips / Year
Automatic Liquid Filling 5 Million Packs / Year
Liquid Filling 2 Million Containers
Tablet Packing 10 million tablet pots / Year
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