Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Chanelle UK specialise in the development, manufacture and distribution of high quality, competitively priced generic pharmaceutical products and services to merchants, co-ops and veterinary practices in the animal health industry.

Today, our products are found in over 80 countries worldwide. We have over 1500 veterinary pharmaceutical licenses registered throughout the world, maintaining the largest number of pharmaceutical licenses of any company registered in Europe.

Chanelle UK operates under two business units;

Chanelle Animal Health UK

Chanelle Animal Health supplies a wide range of generic anthelmintic products to licensed trade outlets and veterinary practices.

Chanelle Vet UK

Chanelle Vet UK provides a dedicated supply and service of POM: V products to the UK veterinary industry.

Chanelle remain committed to innovation to improve the health of animals around the world. Our R&D facilities in Ireland and Jordon contain an active pipeline of new product ideas, making us a leading innovator in the development of generic pharmaceutical solutions.


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